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Crime, harm, and society



Senior researcher at the University of Oslo, Norway.

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Empirical criminologist interested in all aspects of the social sources of suffering and injustice, with a focus on crime and harm. 

Goyes conducts research on a variety of topics including globalisation and crime, environmental conflicts, colonisation and imperialism, life-course criminology, and victimhood. He is in search of a good life for every living being on earth, which he pursues through investigation and the application of his findings in everyday life practice. 


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Research Lines

My research involves thorough collection of empirical data to understand social and socio-environmental conflicts. I am committed to good writing as a way to disseminate knowledge.  Learn more about my lines of research below.

Vervet Monkey

Animal Rights

We abuse animals in myriad ways, from clinical experimentation, to trafficking, to leisure hunting. What are the motivation behind those abuses?

Hvit blikkboks

Consumerism, Globalisation, and Crime

What harms does global consumerism create? Who gets affected and how? What outlets for commodities exist?

Tractor Deforestation

Environmental Destruction in the Global South

Who is destroying nature in the global South? What are the dynamics that lead to such behaviour? How can we study environmental harm and crime in the global south?

Fargerike puter

Indigenous issues

Indigenous Peoples have been victimised for centuries, and the contributions they can make to society neglected. How can we understand this genocide? How can we use their knowledge to improve everyone's wellbeing?


Sociology of Environmental Law

How is environmental law created? How is it implemented? What effects does it have on society?

Redigering og Post Production

The Politics of Knowledge Production about Crime

Who is producing what counts as knowledge regarding crime? How do global politics affect our knowledge on crime? And, what can we do about this?

Life-course criminology

How do lives develop and how does one life phase affects the next ones? Life course criminology is a longitudinal endevour that follows people along their lives. My take of life course criminology is critical and narrative: I focus on the social forces shaping people's lives and on the narratives they construct to make sense of their lives (past, present, and future)

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